Some of you might have already seen the Gundam model I bought…. I went to Kyoto and found this model shop full with gundams, tanks and other stuff 😀 Looked around and bought the Force Impulse Gundam from Gundam Seed Destiny :3

Well I’ve actually nothing interesting to tell… during the weekdays it’s just work work work.. come home.. eat.. chill..f..a….p..ahum.. and sleep XD During the weekends I usually go out and go shopping in Osaka, Kyoto or Nara…
Went to this place where bands were playing gigs in Nara, had to pay to get in though… it was ok.. the crowd was a bit young, around 16 i guess, so the the audience were mainly classmates AND they covered naruto’s 2nd opening song ☹☹

But there was 1 performance that caught my attention. The girl had such a nice voice and by far the best performance of that night. I found their myspace.. so check it out! 😀

Oh and btw.. finally found my first buddy here in Japan haha.. an American dude also working at ATR, majored in Psychology and Neural Science… long interesting and brain-cracking conversations haha and he lives 1 floor below me. Now going on a quest in search for my second buddy! ?

Had some fun lately talking to an old friend Nana-Chan on skype. She made a drawing of me and a maid haha.. Arigato!