God I love spam mail from teachers/coaches at school 😀
These e-mails were sent to all the students and employees of the Industrial Design department. I’m going to start collecting them.
No one has the guts yet to spam back… 🙁 I guess I have to provoke Mark more…

March 20th 2009

Did anyone find a grey hat? One of the Italian students who are visiting us this week, lost it. If you found it, would you please bring it to me, Thanks!

September 9th 2009

Dear Students,

This morning, lots of students have been at my desk asking me questions about assignments, projects and coaches.

Accidently, one of you took my silver colored parker pen.

I would appreciate it if you could return it to me asap as it was a gift from my parents.


October 26th 2009

Dear All,

Friday morning I left my jacket in the staff room in the studio-lab, as I did every morning during the Dutch Design Week. In the afternoon at 14.00 however, my jacket was gone.

It’s a black thin all-weather Helly Hansen jacket, with some keys in the right pocket. Please let me know if you’ve seen it around, I would really like it back 🙂


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