[How-to-Fix] Google Maps Short URLs (old)

10 July 2011 - Found a way to get short URLs again for GoogleMaps!! :D Click here

30 June 2011 - Doesn't work anymore due to the implementation of Google+?
Guess we're back be stuck with super duper long GoogleMaps urls :(

25 June 2011 - Who doesn't use Google Maps? I use it a lot to check out locations, get travelling directions and to find restaurants and cafes. :)

Now the most annoying thing is that the URL is so damn long when you want to share your current Google Maps search with people. It clutches the whole screen and it quickly becomes chaotic when you have several links listed underneath each other.

There's a way to get short URLs on Google Maps. Go to http://www.googlelabs.com/, select "Labs voor Google Maps" on the right and enable "Short URL".

Your link will now be something like "http://goo.gl/maps/wtIy" instead of having a super long URL :)

Away3D - Transparent Planes

I saw that my blog had some search hits for Transparent Planes in Away3D. So if anyone is still looking for it, here's the code to create a transparent plane. Hope this helps! :)

var matBlank:WireColorMaterial = new WireColorMaterial(0xFFFFFF);
matBlank.alpha = 0;
matBlank.wireAlpha = 0;

var plane:Plane = new Plane({material: matBlank, width: 200, height: 200});

Re-enable Clickable Links In MSN Messenger 2009

Ever noticed that the hyperlinks posted in your msn chatbox stopped working? Apparently they turned off active links on MSN 2009 to stop a worm from spreading. I got sick and tired of copy/pasting every single one of the links in your browser, so I went to do some super detective work and found the solution.

1. Download Freeware Hex Editor XVI32: http://www.handshake.de/user/chmaas/delphi/download/xvi32.zip
2. Close Windows Live Messenger (don't forget to check the task manager)
3. Use XVI32 to open msnmgr.exe which is probably in C:\Program Files\Windows Lives\Messenger
4. Press Ctrl + F, choose Text string
5. Type in hotlinks in the search box and press OK
6. When it finds hotlinks, click on the h and change it to a t, it should now read totlinks
7. Press Ctrl + S to save