Astro Chicken

Fall 2011 || Team Project || 2 Weeks || Building Virtual Worlds || Entertainment Technology Center

Tori the chicken had always dreamed of being an astronaut and be the first space chicken. Realizing he was never going to achieve his dreams, he came up with the genius idea to use wind power to help him go into space.

Astro Chicken is a vertical platformer with the objective to create an interactive experience intended for the “naive guest”; a person with little or no gaming experience. Taken this into account, the interactions had to be intuitive and easy to understand, and no auditory instructions were allowed for this assignment. Astro Chicken is a 2-week project for Building Virtual Worlds and used the Kinect and hand/arm movements for interactivity. The player moves his/her hand in front of the Kinect to mimic the wind and control its power and direction. The goal of the game is to blow the chicken upwards, while avoiding (dangerous) objects.

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——- My Work ——-
Intro & ending 2D animations
2D assets
Unwrapping and texturing 3D models; Chicken, monster
Overall game design

——- Team ——-
Elwin Lee ~ Producer, texture artist & 2D animator
Xing Xu ~ Programmer
Zifeng Tian ~ 3D Modeler
Pei-lin Lu ~ Sound Design

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