Epic Tower: The Board Game

Fall 2008 || Industrial Design || Eindhoven University of Technology

Gameplay Synopsis
The Epic Tower is a board game designed for all ages. The goal of the game is to build the tower from the ground up using different kinds of shapes without knocking it down. A player loses when he or she knocks the tower down or when an opponent reaches the finish. The blocks that will be assigned to a player depending on the space that the player lands on. The blocks consist of 3 different sizes and 4 different kinds of shapes; cylinders, squares, crescents and triangles. Players can place the blocks in an angle or create an unstable situation to make it more difficult for the others, so prepare for an exciting and nerve racking experience with your friends!


Gameplay Description

Starting conditions:
Players will roll a dice and the player with the highest roll begins following by the other players turning clockwise. All players start with a character and start at the start space. The tower building site in the middle has to be clear of all blocks.

The player at turn has to roll the dice and move the character an amount of steps according to the rolled number.

Each space has a different task for the player; the task is displayed with visuals.

Tower building:
The block has to be placed on the tower building site in the middle of the board. The player may not touch the other blocks.

After placing block or skipping a turn the next player will be at turn.

Winning condition:
– When the character of the player reaches the “Win!” space before the other players.
– When another player knocks down the tower.

Lose condition:
– A player loses when he/she knocks down the tower, the other players will win the game.
– When another player’s character reaches the “Win!” space before you do.

Download (PDF, 17KB)


Box (MDF wood), Board (MDF wood), Cover picture, Board picture, 1 Dice, 4 Characters

  • – Red colored large sized blocks (MDF wood).
    • 8 Red triangles.
    • 8 Red crescents.
    • 8 Red squares.
    • 8 Red cylinders.
  • – Green colored medium sized blocks (MDF wood).
    • 8 Green triangles.
    • 8 Green crescents.
    • 8 Green squares.
    • 8 Green cylinders.
  • – Blue colored small sized blocks (MDF wood).
    • 8 Blue triangles.
    • 8 Blue crescents.
    • 8 Blue squares.
    • 8 Blue cylinders.