During my internship at ATR-Promotions in Japan, I designed the entire client side of an interactive guide system on the Nintendo DS for the themepark Toei-Eigamura in Kyoto Japan. The interactive guide is a location-based navigation system using the web service Nintendo Zone which is only functional within the range of the Zone access points throughout the park. The visitors are able to see their current location and navigate through the park both physically and digitally. While navigating, the visitors can access content dynamically generated in real-time from the databases; e.g. information about buildings and movie sets.

Aside from the navigation, the system also contains a video game “The 7 bad guys of Eigamura”, which consists of an exciting storyline, awesome manga-style cominc animations and various minigames. The player has to play through the game while interacting with the movie park itself by going to the actual locations in the park. Extra features in the game allows the players to collect images by defeating the bad guys, draw on those pictures and save it onto their own Nintendo DS. Furthermore, the game progress will be saved on the server, so that players can continue were they left off on their next visit to Eigamura.

Hands-on Demo

Gameplay and Animation Demo