Ryusei was a 3-week team project with the objective to use technology & art to create and tell a compelling story for Building Virtual Worlds Round4, Fall 2011. Technology used for this project consists of WiiMote, Kinect & Unity3D to design a stylized game.

The world takes place in an era where samurais and the shogun still ruled Japan. The story of the game revolves around a mystical katana “Ryusei” and its wielder, who is in search for revenge on his rival clan. The sword will grant whoever wields it special powers. However, the sword will submit judgement on the wielder’s actions after each fight and decides whether the person would live or die.

My Contribution:
• Art direction
• Story-boarding
• 2D animations
• Character design
• Unwrapping and texturing 3D models
• Overall game design