Designer, prototyper, problem solver and videogame enthusiast.

I’m a UI / UX Designer & Developer from the Netherlands with a background in Industrial Design (BSc) from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, and a master’s degree in Entertainment Technology (MET) from Carnegie Mellon University. I love to get involved in multidisciplinary fields, from art and design to programming and electronics. I worked on a variety of different projects a designer and/or developer, and collaborated with companies such as Merck, TATRC, HITLAB New Zealand, Nintendo, 2K Games and Firaxis Games.

My areas of expertise are interactive products, developing (serious) games and exploring new areas for interactive experiences and simulations.
Currently, I’m heavily involved in developing mobile, VR & AR applications for various industries such as medical, academia, and entertainment.

Interested in working with me or do you have an exciting opportunity? Feel free to send an email to elwinlee@outlook.com for all business inquiries.

Skills: UX/UI Design, VR & AR, Mobile Development, Industrial Design, Physical Computing, Game Development, Creative Programming, Rapid Prototyping
Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, Unity3D (C#), Arduino, Electronics/Sensors, Processing
Languages: C#, HTML/CSS, ActionScript3.0

VAT Number:NL001564292B25KvK Number:62923870