Instead of creating an actual model gun with a laser attached, I created a glove that would allow the user to use their hand as their gun (aka finger gun) to fire a laser beam at targets. With sensors and a laser module attached to the glove, the user will be able to shoot upon flicking their hand.


There are 2 flex sensors; 1 at the index finger and the other along the ring finger, to check if the user is in the “Gun state”. To detect the motion of shooting, we will be using an accelerometer mounted on the back of the hand. A laser module is mounted to the tip of the index finger on the glove. To shoot, the user has to flick his hand in a downwards motion to activate the laser when the hand is in Gun Mode. The laser will only be activated for a short amount of time.

Components used in this project:
– 1x Arduino Nano USB Microcontroller v3
– 1x Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout – ADXL335
– 2x Bi-Directional Flexible Bend Sensor FLX-01-L (1K-20K)
– 1x Laser Module – Green

Work in progress video: