Difficulty learning math is a common and known problem among children throughout the ages. The way of teaching and learning math has remained relatively the same in education. However, with the rise of portable devices; tablets and smart-phones, and motion-sensing controller such as the Microsoft Kinect, Nintendo WiiMote and the Playstation Move, people have shown huge interested and motivation to develop new and interactive methods for teaching. Being inspired by this trend, we created an interactive, gesture-controlled arithmetic math game, Xdigit, using the Kinect to enhance and support math learning experiences for children. Xdigit is a challenging, fun and interactive space themed math Kinect-game, where the player has the objective to combine numbers through arithmetic operations to match the target number before the timer runs out. The game comes in various levels of difficulties to provide challenges and interesting mathematical opportunities by increasing the arithmetic complexity. Xdigit is an easy-to-learn game and consists of an interactive tutorial to guide the player through all the features and interactions in a step by step manner using images and a voice over. The game itself relies mostly on memorization of the gestures. The gestures are designed to resemble the arithmetic operators to be easily memorized, and therefore, does not require much training. Visual and audio feedback will be provided when a player performs an action. Below, are the available gestures in the game and their functionalities.

Lee, E., Liu, X., & Zhang, X. Xdigit: An Arithmetic Kinect Game to Enhance Math Learning Experiences (2012)
• Xdigit won 3rd Place at the Student Game Competition, Fun and Games 2012 Conference
• Xdigit was showcased at the Game Arcade, Games For Change 2012 in Australia & New Zealand